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Spring flowers on a SEASONS excursion

Spring flowers on a SEASONS’ excursion

2014 Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival

SEASONS’ contribution: Fairy Story Walks & Lantern Parade

At the Enchanted Garden, SEASONS present a family friendly, community event for well-being at Lochend House. Join a fairy story walk around a beautifully lit wild garden and experience the power of the wishing tree and other magical surprises before warming up with homemade soup and a hot drink.

At the Braid Hills, storyteller Jane Mather, takes you on a magical lantern parade and story walk along the beautiful Braid Hills. Put on your walking shoes, wrap up warm and experience the power of this striking natural landscape with a few surprises along the way.



Spring Sunshine at SEASONS Lochend Blossom at Lochend SEASONS Spring at Lochend SEASONS garden flowers at SEASONS
All pictures by SEASONS service users/participants: views around Lochend House and gardens.

Below are some pictures from a SEASONS trip to Jupiter Artland – a unique day out which everyone enjoyed.

Donkey at Jupiter Artland

Signpost to Jupiter

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  Growing our Own Vegetables

We are doing allotment gardening in Lochend. We have already planted some seed in our seedbeds – our own vegetables – potatoes, carrots, onions, peas, radish and beetroot. The seedbeds are big 8′ boxes. The potatoes have sprouted already – within a week of being planted. We’ve put wire mesh covering over the box to cover the plants to keep bugs and birds away We have watered the seed box to encourage the germination. The other seeds will take a bit longer to start growing. We are also going to make elderflower cordial – with lemon juice, sugar, spring water and elderflower of course!

Below are pictures from our special ‘Seasonal’ spring feast – all seasonal foods, enjoyed together.

home made lemon drizzle cake

Home-made lemon cake

preparing spring lamb

Preparing seasonal lamb

cooked lamb

Lamb’s ready!

seasonal salad

Seasonal salad

Seasons seasonal feast

Fine dining!



We got together as group creatively to create a SEASONS Renga –  a special type of poem. March 2010

Created by the group with Poet Ryan Van Winkle

White winter is gone Bluebells grow through melting ice New hope is blooming

Rabbits run on grass Hot cross buns in the oven New shoots on old trees

Joy! Summer is nearly here Soon, paddling at the seaside

Jumping off the rocks Splashing in the mermaid pool Near the harbour wall

Nights are lighter now

Ice cream drips onto the sand

Wasps buzz our picnic

Sad, summer almost gone September in the rain Walking in the mud

Leaves falling to the wet ground Finding strong cheggies Harvesting barley

Leaping off gold bales of straw Pinching pink ladies

Screams and thrills in the graveyard Shivering as the cold wind chills

Snow is drifting down Making angels in the park

Cold, dark starlit nights

Stuffed with grand stuffing Kissing under mistletoe Tinsel glittering

Finally winter thaws Snowdrops pushing through the mud

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Christmas craft session at SEASONS – making tree decorations.

Christmas Decorations

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The Mental Health Arts Festival and SEASONS

The Enchanted Garden.

October 2012 For one very special night only, we experienced the wildlife Garden at Lochend House lit up for an event in the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. Those who came joined us in making a wish for our wishing tree, clay faeries and seed bombs then enjoyed a feast of magical music, dance, poems, songs and stories. Read more about our 2011 AND 2012 event and see the pictures!