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piano keysI like coming to SEASONS for the companionship, company, comfort, warmth and activities. I been coming for about 2 years. I like having warm drinks and the food. I quite like doing pottery. We made Christmas decorations. It’s a change to being stuck in the house on your own all the time. And it’s friendly at SEASONS.


Willie   w


I go to SEASONS. We are open twice a week and go a trip on a Thursday. The other days we are open are Sunday and Wednesday.


Jackiesymbolic picture of Jackie, chosen by her

I like the atmosphere at SEASONS- there’s a fire, lively music, the people, the food! I’ve been coming about 8 months. I was a wee bit lost when I first came – I was a bit nervous, but I started to mix with people. I enjoy a cup of coffee, taking part in all the activities – I like the art room where I was making lanterns for our Magical Memory Lane.
In and around SEASONS: Lochend House


Philservice user

My name is Philip and I come to seasons two times a week on a Wednesday and Sunday. I like singing so I like the Karaoke and I’m going to get a 2nd hand acoustic guitar. I like walking through the park in summer with a group. It’s friendly here – it’s great.


 Louiseflower picture taken by Louise

I like coming to SEASONS and doing the garden and taking pictures. I enjoy making the lanterns for the Magic Memory Lane event we are doing in the garden and the big snail lantern. This year I will be taking pictures of this event. I also help doing the cooking and doing different stuff every week, like bingo. The people are friendly and make you feel welcome. I enjoy going for meals on special occasions like Christmas and the trips like going bowling and trips to the Botanics. It’s nice when people who come to SEASONS get a birthday cake.




Scrabble at SEASONS

What I get out of Seasons is a tremendous atmosphere of social inclusion. I write this on my own behalf and my experience of past events where I was extremely isolated and alone being stranded in my house on my own with nearly nothing to do or go to outside the house. The social contact I get from the services that I go to today are extremely important as it fills in the days of the week when you are unemployed and gives you some kind of structure to your week. For somebody who is ill and disabled like myself, these services are vital as they can stop people having depressing or anxious thoughts or going back into hospital again. I’ve certainly had thoughts of going into hospital again, but I feel I would only develop that feeling if SEASONS didn’t exist.

I feel better coming to SEASONS, partly because I get the company, and partly because I find it makes me feel well.  I have sometimes found that coming Seasons has improved my illness condition and seeing my CPN at my house once every four weeks for the past eight years has improved my health immensely, just through talking and getting my medication in the right balance from the doctor.

Jessieservice user

Seasons is cool. I started coming in October. I am into performing, dancing, acting and singing. I have just been performing in the West End. Even though I am confined to a wheelchair I can still dance. Jane who runs the project is so welcoming and if you ever have any problems or worries you can go to her and she’s very understanding. All the other staff are lovely too – all nice in different ways. I was scared when I first came here, I didn’t have a good time before I came to Scotland and it was really hard to trust anybody. I was really nervous when I first came but it didn’t take me long to realise that everyone was really welcoming and nice. I have always been interested in being creative and SEASONS is a good project to get involved with.




I find SEASONS a very relaxing atmosphere where everyone is very sociable. Jane makes each person very welcome. There is the opportunity for the group members to be creative and discover new talents. During the summer months we go on trips to various places of interest.
Why not try your hand at cooking – a tasty meal each week?
Well I am heading off now with some of the other members for a walk around neighbouring Lochend Park….
See you soon!

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