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Magicians at SEASONS – the Fringe Festival comes to SEASONS

This year we had the privilege of having the festival fringe come to SEASONS. I had seen The Grumpy Magicians perform at another venue, and me being as cheeky as I am, I asked them if they would like to do a performance for SEASONS. They are a comical magician duo – really good and funny – they’re are not just magic but laughs too. They performed for us for free too. Jessie

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magician with rabbit

Rabbits of course!

rabbit with playing card

Rabbit performer!


Scary spike trick…

magician with biscuit

Pick a biscuit…any biscuit!

biscuit magic

Write name on biscuit…

biscuit trick

Do some magic with biscuit…

magician trick

Ooops – don’t eat the biscuit!

magician with hanky


magic trick

Marina’s a good sport!

Royal Retreat – Breaks with a difference – available, accessible and fun!

by Jessie
I have been given the opportunity of staying at Sandringham Royal Estate (run by Leonard Cheshire Homes) through the Act Foundation , who are a big charity in Windsor. Their specialty is people with mental health and physical disabilities. They help provide respite or items you might need.

I found it on-line and Act Foundation stood out from other charities – you can chose where you want to go for respite and they provide all the money, the costs for your break. You can download the application form from the website. It’s quite an easy form to do – normal stuff. The staff are all very nice and very informative. If you need to ring up to ask anything, they are really helpful and welcoming. They are traditional in that they send stuff out by post – I think this is more authentic and avoids any sort of computer rip-off. If you put ‘urgent’, they do it quicker!

You can chose any registered respite place in the UK and these places will provide the adaptations needed for physical disabilities, or support if you have mental health problems.

This allows you to make sure you get the right respite place, one that suits your needs without rushing into anything that might not be right. SEASONS can also refer people for this.


Below some of the SEASON’s  team offer their views of the night.

Scott: The Magical Secret Garden – a lot of hard work was put into getting it organised. The puppets were very good – very well created and the way they worked them with rods was good, with sticks in each hand. The whole night was very well planned and entertaining. The whole night went really well. I like the band of drums towards the end of the night – they put on a good show – that was the finale of the night. The lanterns in the trees were different from last year – very colourful and bright. Again a lot of time was spent organising that.

Louise: My favourite was the drummers and the belly dancers and the food was good, especially the cake. It was fun having a shot with the puppet.  See the pictures!

Darius: It was raining! But actually it was quite enigmatic…the rain. My favourite was the belly dancing and the puppets. See the pictures!

Jackie: I liked the puppets. The big lanterns in the garden were good. See the pictures!

Phil: the belly dancers – the two of them – were very nice! The drummers were noisy though! But they were good – a good atmosphere. Jess’s dancing last year was good – dancing in her wheel chair. There’s something about her. See the pictures!

Bruce: I liked the dancers too. The cake was nice – a very good cake – I had plenty of it. See the pictures!

Willie: I thought the dancers – the shadow dancers were really good. The drums were ok to start…but they got too loud, but they were good. What was really good was the giant puppetsand all the stuff they made. It was an excellent night – I never thought there would be so many people – the place was mobbed. It brought the community together.  See the pictures!

Puppets a-go-go!


shadow dancers

Shadow Dancers

belly dancer

Belly dancer and drummers



fairies in tree


lantern bearers

Lantern bearers

watching outside

Watching the action in the rain!

little girl with puppets

Enjoying the puppets!

puppet with operator

Another puppet and operator

storytelling storyteller

Jane tells a story…

Coping with the rain!

lit up tree

Tree all lit-up.

gate at seasons


puppet and operator

How puppets work!

maze in trees

The Maze

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 Festival 2011

On the 19th of October 2011, SEASONS hosted its contribution to the Mental Health Arts Festival. SEASONS participants and staff worked hard to create An Enchanted Garden for the evening – with food, seed bomb making, a live band, a the gardens of Lochend House transformed. See the pictures. SEASONS’ service users worked hard to create magical fairy lights which hung in the trees, a wishing tree, and sculptures – including a Green Man.The evening finished with a display of dancing from Jessie, a SEASONS participant, who braved the cold and the hard uneven surface of the car park to give us all a unique dance experience. Thanks Jessie!

If you want to know more about what we do at SEASONS on a weekly basis see What’s On.

See the pictures below.

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Lantern made by SEASONS

Green Man

Making Seedbombs

The Band

Tea Light lantern

Beautifully lit autumn garden

wish tree

Wish Tree

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People Achieving

On the weekend of 26th/27th May, I went zooming around in a Marathon, but in a wheelchair. The wheelchair race took place at the same time as the 5k marathon in Edinburgh and we did the same route. They were going to make it easy, but they knew we were experienced, so they didn’t!

Jessie – the Winner! Champ!

It was a boiling hot that weekend. We started at Holyrood Park and went up Arthurs Seat, round and down. I was first back and won a beautiful crystal trophy, a medal for taking part and a medal that said ‘First‘ – for being the first person back. And I was the first wheel-chair athlete back.
It’s not just about how fast the wheelchair goes, as there’s skill in it. There are a few scary bits at the top but I thought I couldn’t just go back! But then if you do it wrong – you fall – off Arthurs Seat! But then the crowds were cheering as we all went round..
The director of the marathon sent me a personal text saying ‘you’re a star! – that I was part of history and I was amazing!
I had to wait for the presentation. It was the first time they’d done the wheelchair part, so I was the first winner – the director said I was part of history – a star! My name now joins the winners’ list with all the other athletes. I felt good. For my part, I didn’t know I was a winner. I just wanted to complete it.
When they gave me the first medal it didn’t register at all. I didn’t realise – why it said ‘first.’
I got interviewed at the finishing line by Forth 1 and Ilene Stuart. For the listeners who weren’t there, she said, ‘I’ve got proof – she’s got the trophy!’
I’ve done 2 fun runs before but this is my first serious run.
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Jess meets and performs with David Hasselhoff

I found out that David Hasselhoff was doing a live show in the Edinburgh Festival. I was ecstatic (well not really, I’m

jessie and David Hasselhoff

Jessie and yes, it is, David Hasselhoff!

just being dramatic!). When I got there was a lovely girl on the door and I said would there be any chance of meeting the Hoff and getting his autograph and she said she was sure there was! Next thing she said do you want to come in out of the cold. I thought she was calling everyone in, not just me, but I realised it was just me and that she had arranged it so that I was there when the Hoff came through. She said he’d be coming that way – I thought there’d be a back stage entrance, but no, there he was. I couldn’t believe it. I started chatting to him and we got onto the issue that I was a performer too and he said there will a chance for you coming on stage. But I thought nah, he’s just saying that. Because I’d seen him on Britain’s got Talent and Night Rider I wanted to see what he was all about. We chatted and discovered we had musical theatre in common. He had performed in Chicago in London. And I too have done training in London with West End Starts. I was so excited. I had best space in the house – right in the middle of the front row, where it was hard for him not to see me. I put on my Hoff mask that I’d brought for a laugh. He was showing clips and singing and changing costumes for the scene he was in. When it was a beach scene, all the audience were playing beach ball with the Hoff. Then he called me over – it took a while for me to realise I was on stage. I was doing the limbo – all dramatic. I went round 12 times. It was romance scene, so he showed that. It went on for ages – it was hilarious. Scott was laughing his head off. The second was a romantic dance and it was just me and Hoff dancing at the front. The audience probably thought it was part of the act. I was wow, I’m on stage with the Hoff! I was on a high when I came off! I couldn’t stop laughing.
Afterwards when we were outside he got his personal photographer to come and take a photo of us and he said I was awesome! And my performing was awesome. I like to get feedback but it’s not everyday you get feedback from the Hoff.
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John Muir Awards

Currently some of us are doing our John Muir Awards (a nationally recognised conservation award.)

Look at the wonderful pictures Louise took.


Butterfly in SEASONS’ garden

trees in sunshine

Trees in the sunshine


Foxglove in SEASONS’ garden


Insect life and leaves

sun on leaves

Sunshine on the plants

yellow flower and grass

Wild grasses and wild flowers

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