STAYING HOME & STAYING WELL, Coping with changing times.

Staying home and Staying well. For the time being our whole world is different and things we normally enjoy are not available to us, we can’t pop-out to meet friends, eat in a cafe, visit a place of interest or go to the cinema, but by staying home we can save lives and help the NHS…

In the weeks to come I’ll share, links to online activities, ideas for coping and practical advice.

If you would like to share anything that you find helpful, please email me at:

It’s important to keep up to date with news, but limiting the amount we listen to is a good idea.

The BBC is a good source of information.


The NHS website is the best source of information on how to keep well

MIND has more advice on looking after our mental wellbeing

and the action for happiness website is lovely!

Also, the app, Headspace has created free to use meditations and mindfulness resources


In case you would like to virtually visit interesting places, here’s a few ideas