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SEASONS members have been visiting the wonderful landscape of Jupiter Artland since 2011 and exploring the sculptures and exhibits there, this year we have teamed up with Jupiter education department and Redhall walled garden in an exciting new project to create a “digital memory” of our experiences together through the seasons at Jupiter, we are making art in response to the landscape, spending lots of time in nature, tree dressing and feasting together. On February the 4th 2016 we will be planting the inaugural trees for the Artland’s new Pinetum in a contribution to the renewal and biodiversity of the woodland. The project is a celebration of life and the health benefits of experiencing and interacting with the natural environment.

It also pays tribute to a member of SEASONS who loved art, film and being in wild spaces, Tom Miller who passed away in May 2014 leaving SEASONS a legacy which inspired and contributed to this project.

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