SEASONS has been involved with the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival since 2011 when we invited the local community to visit our “Enchanted Garden”

In 2012 we once more invited the local community this time to take a stroll with us along “Magical Memory Lane” and the poetry library produced a wonderful reminiscence resource to complement the event and enable those who could not attend to take an imaginary journey in a garden through the seasons (You can download this below).

Magical Memory Lane for SEASONS & SMHAFF

Filmed by Andrew Macdonald Exhibit Scotland

In 2013 we exhibited “Away with the Fairies” at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, where thanks to a generous gift of native birch trees from the RBGE we were able to create an indoor woodland with leaves hand crafted by participants in nature story workshops at SEASONS, Carr Gomm and The Grassmarket Community Project. Our trees beautifully complimented  an exhibition of Fairy paintings created by artist Fiona Mather who exhibited her work as part of the Luminate festival (Scotland’s festival of creative ageing).

In 2014 we ventured into the Braid Hills for a Fairy Story lantern parade and teamed up with Beltane fire society to hold another magically lit garden event which went ahead on the 15th of October despite, and in the wake of, a fire which devastated the building in which SEASONS had held social drop-in sessions for ten years.

Filmed by Andrew Macdonald Exhibit Scotland

In 2015 we paused for reflection, enjoyed the varied Edinburgh programme and began working on our own special offering for the 2016 programme, the 10th Anniversary of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival.